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Dating a musician is one of the biggest dreams that every person should try at least once in your life. Whether you want to fly to Paris, hike the mountains, or enjoy a delicious meal, you can be sure that a musician will be able to go with the flow and do anything and everything you want to do.

Musicians are known for their unique sense of allure. For the longest time, they have been making men and women swoon and fall head over heels in love with their music.  What is it about musicians that give them such a magical power? Is it because of their enticing way of strumming the guitar? Does it have something to do with the way they pound their drums? Is it because of their blatant swagger and confidence? Maybe it is because of all these things and more. While dating a musician also comes with its own risks such as there are many others who would try to steal your date, or you might need to be in a long distance relationship every time they are on tour, or you need to endure late night hours, dating a musician has plenty of exciting upsides that you will discover once you join